At Orange Chair, we are artists and crafts people using shape and color, texture and pattern to create unique pieces of fine art.

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our products. Our creations speak to a client that understands and deserves quality, not for the sake of being opulent, but because so much thought and care went into the end product that they can’t help but be special.

The staff of Orange Chair are artisans and the furniture created in our studio is in fact fine art. The devil is in the details and each stitch and fabric choice is thought out. Each tool is important and we are excited to show off our process.

An Idea, a pencil sketch on a napkin, an Instagram inspiration picture, a Pinterest page, architectural drawings, or maybe just a verbal description of your vision… our starting line can be anywhere that is convenient to you.

All our projects have a list of needs and demands to meet to be successful – comfort, style, durability, budget friendliness, and uniqueness among many others. We take the time to design the right fit for you.

The Orange Chair studio functions through 5 independently creative

Each one wildly different from the other, yet coming together with their respective talents to deliver a final product on-time and on-budget, all the time.


Our size is pretty amazing! Big enough to scale production lines while small enough to be nimble. We understand that tweaks made within the process happen and are able to turn on a dime. That is one of our best added values! That is why we consider our seating truly Bespoke and are proud of each and every one of our projects.